Salesforce Trailhead Public API and Scorecard Leaderboard

Get a Salesforce Trailhead Badges, Points and Trails information via JSON and a preformatted HTML Card which we can embed to our blog or Website as a Leaderboard or Scorecard.

Trailhead Score Card
Trailhead Score Card

WordPress Plugin

You can install this as a plugin directly in a WordPress, here is the link Scorecard Widget for Salesforce Trailhead

For Developers

Get your username from trailhead profile page URL which would look something like this{TrailheadId}

Trailehad Profile

Replace {TrailheadId} with your username.

    • Use the following URL for JSON data{TrailheadId}


    • Use the following URL for HTML Score Card{TrailheadId}


    • Use the following URL for the Complete Trailhead Profile with badges{TrailheadId}


    • To get embed the Trailhead Scorecard in your own website
      <iframe src="{TrailheadId}" style="border:none;overflow:hidden;" width="100%" height="350px" scrolling="no"></iframe>

To get the LWC component to embed this card in your own salesforce Org/Community find the component here

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Comments (2)

  1. Sergio says:

    Hi Abhimanyu! I see that now is error on the app – {“error”:”Service is Down for Maintenance.”} do you know what’s problem?

    • Hi Sergio

      Salesforce has updated its trailhead profile page and added a layer of security from web scrappers, also the certification Verification is down in trailhead, we are trying a workaround to get the code to work along with the latest update trailhead profile, once it will be done we will be back online. As of now, none of the trailhead tracking tool is working out there.


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